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Listen to Our Happy Customers

These are documented CBD Hemp Oil Testimonials! These are unedited submissions to our website, emails to us personally, notes from customers emails to us  and testimonials from customers who purchased our products on other websites. These are unedited quotes as originally submitted.

I highly recommend CBD Oil Science and all their products. I’ve tried several and they are better than others I’ve tried. Besides that, this bottle was sent quickly as always, but it went from sea-level to high altitude where we live and it leaked. CBD Oil Science sent me another bottle (carefully sealed) at no cost to me. Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!! – Judi Mccarthy


Had ordered this for my cat with anxiety disorder. It arrived, as requested, in the “natural” flavor. (I still wish you guys made it in “catnip” flavor…) A drop of the oil in another hemp oil base worked wonders for another cat with an unhealing lesion on his belly. I tried to give it to the anxious cat, but had to change priorities. The only side effect I’ve noticed is drooling. Cat’s getting much better, thank you. Once the injured cat’s taken care of, I will order more to combat the anxiety in another cat – Susan Lopez

It is saving My Life. I have stage 4 Cancer in both Lungs. Chemo would give Me 3 to 6 months to live.I did not choose Chemo. I did Research on Cannabis oil for Cancer. Charlotte’s Web has many that agree online to the benefits of this CBD oil.I am getting Healthier, stronger,& feel much better. God Bless the CBDOilScience team and their dedication to helping illness, not killing people like the big Pharma!!! – Cannabis oil for Cancer by Kathy Brown

I Cannot tell you how much this oil has helped me already! My raging anxiety from the steroids has completely gone! I feel calm and almost zen like and even managed to get out of the house for an hour and sit in the sun! Slept like a log last night, a deep sleep just feeling totally chilled instead of angry and wired!I have just placed another order! Please note there where no pomegranate chip samples in the last shipped box any chance this could be included as I’m seriously thinking of buying some with my next order! Kindest regards! Thank you again Irina S

Extremely fast shipping BUT, it is the quality of the product that i am impressed with. I suffer from an arthritic auto immune disease and this product has given me my life back without pain. I am going on my third month and i have not had an attack. Only on several occasions during this time have i felt an attack coming on but after a dose or two of the CBD it somehow reverses the attack. Can’t say enough about its positive affect on my life.. i would wish the same for you. CBD Oil Science provides great customer support and always responds quickly to questions. The product itself is expensive but after searching the internet top to bottom, I have found this to be the best price per gram along with higher concentrate. Peace and Blessings! – Brian Billeci

I get severe anxiety with high thc marijuana so, I decided to try some high cbd marijuana in hopes that I could smoke again.I wasn’t expecting much.Maybe some flavorless weak pot that could pass for hemp. But,after trying the CBD Oil Science Oil,I was very very surprised. It has every bit as much resin as any high thc pot in existence.And the smells and flavors are extremely rich and complex.From woody honey musk to citrussy lemon berry. This is high grade stuff.

And although I didn’t try this for its medical properties,I am very surprised at just how effective it is for pain and inflammation. Its impossible to ignore.I am now able to smoke again without horrid anxiety.

Its nice and mellow but powerful. Doesn’t take much so be careful if you have anxiety as I’m sure it can be overdone. In a world where it seems every business is just out to take your money and screw you,its great to see something like this that can help so many people. I get emotional thinking about it.Thank you guys.You have a lifelong customer.   – Susan Valdez