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About CBD Oil Science: From an enthnobotany perspective hemp is a powerful ancient plant with an extensive list of known benefits. Used since antiquity to treat a myriad of ailments in addition to being a health supplement, we are experiencing this cherished plants renewed utilization in society. At CBD Science, we focus on the tried and true facts surrounding the hemp plant and it’s derivatives. We provide not only a comprehensive source of information, but quality CBD related products and services. Quickly fleeting are the days of hemp being a seedy underground industry. A place where clients were denied vital information that would allow them to make healthy holistic choices to remain in alignment with their chosen lifestyle.

Our Commitment: Our products are always quality tested in a laboratory to ensure they are free from; Harmful Bacteria Pesticides Etc Also included in our state of the art analysis, is dosage information so that you can better plan your treatments.

Why Buy From Us?

  • We aim to educate people about the health benefits for CBD Oil
  • We aim to help people find quality Medical grade CBD
  • We aim to continue to invest in research and test equipment to test every single batch that is leaving our warehouse.
  • We aim to earn and keep your trust.

We take Quality quite Seriously and We pride ourselves on building this brand and providing top notch customer service. Click here to check out our Products